Single Parent...Adoption?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you manage daycare? Little Man will be attending the school that I teach at for the next five years. When that wasn't the case, I was blessed enough to have Grandma (my mom) volunteer to watch him while I was at work. When Baby B comes home, she has offered to do the same-thank you Grandma!

How did(do) you afford to adopt? Being single, there are not very many adoption grant options available. Although I am a Christian, most adoption grants available are for Christian couples. Very frustrating. For my first adoption, I worked extra, received donations through church, family, and friends, but ultimately had to take out an adoption loan. By living as frugally as possible, I paid that loan off in two years.

For this adoption, I am again working extra, living on beans and rice, selling everything I can, opening up an Etsy site (very soon I hope) and I have taken out a loan. I have found to be very helpful.

Do you think that it's fair for you to adopt when you are not married? Hmmmm. Do you think it's fair that there are 153 million orphaned children worldwide? I think one of me is better than a life in an institution. A child needs a family.

What things did you have to give up now that you are a parent? Fancy coffees (I make my own, but mainly have switched to green tea), less grown up movie nights-more matinees, my love of lots of shoes, much of my selfishness.

What you do for male role models for your son? I have many men that are able to help bring that male influence into Little Man's world-Grandpa, uncles, friends spouses. My son has the nickname Little Man because he is a very 'manly' little guy, always wanting to take care of his mom. ('Let me open that door for you mom...')

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